Don't forget about Rex.

When in doubt, in favour of the accused.


A plane crashed into a mountain.

We should tell the children how to defend oneself.

I told Anatole that I will help him.


The baker's is next door to the butcher's.


Can I talk to you about Josh?


February 7th is Northern Territories Day in Japan.

Portugal won the Euro.

You've got to warn us.


A large earthquake occured in Mexico last autumn.


Douglas told Earl that is wasn't a good idea to have money just sitting in the bank.


His ingratitude is never at an end.


What else can you say?

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Chris got a very nice grade on that difficult homework assignment.

Judith is planning to go to Boston next week, isn't he?

As it happens, I have left the camera at home.

I plan on winning.

We stop loving ourselves when no one loves us.

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That's something of an understatement.

Under the epistemology of your dream, you clearly see me.

I thought Harold would appreciate the gift from Rhonda.

I'm looking forward to seeing your father.

Phil wondered when dinner would be ready.

A passing car splashed my coat with water.

I'm working on his car.


You can look now.

He was brimming over with hope.

Through whom am I to make my complaint, then?

It's as clean as a whistle.

Hein learned French while living in Quebec.


Cut us some slack.

Tigger doesn't believe Julia did what John said she did.

Is that a good place?

Language is a system of differences without positive terms.

What are you drawing?


I finished first.


Peggy didn't attend the ceremony.

Who went into my bag?

Lynnette couldn't talk to Paola and there was nothing he could do about it.

Indra filed for divorce.

He is a man hard to get on with.

I was expecting a lot more.

I don't need one of those.


For a short time, Ernest lived in Boston.

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He passed away.

The speed of an airplane is much greater than that of a helicopter.

Don't gripe about petty stuff like this!

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Could you lower your voice please? I'm really hung over.

Why doesn't anyone believe me?

Korean mental hospitals have been compared to concentration camps. Patients are said to be treated like animals who are subjected to violence and maltreatment rather than therapy.


It's one of their better songs.

Larry is Anthony's older sister.

Jaime is totally right.

If it snows, airplanes won't be able to take off.

No one's around.

They are not enemies, but friends.

Do that!

It was you that was responsible for the accident.

We gave them our input.

She is in excellent physical condition.

In Venice, there are always lots of tourists.

The power plant supplies the remote district with electricity.

He lapsed into despair after that accident.

The skiing season has passed.

We're flabbergasted.

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When the vacation is over, I will catch up with a lot of work.


Who was not here?

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I'm still not used to my new smartphone!

This makes me very uncomfortable.

You look older.

This movie is so beautiful, I'm watching it for the third time.

Someone knocked on Murray's door.

The handkerchiefs are in the drawer.

I fell in love with a matryoshka.

You have to get Owen help us.

That's your responsibility.

I'd like to be an American.

To my surprise, he refused my offer.

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It sounded easy.

Algeria is called "Ldzayer" in Berber.

The new law guarantees the same judicial and social rights to homosexual couples.

Marian's attitude is quite simple to understand.

He says the sweetest things.


Why should Pablo even care?


If I'd only listened to my parents!

It's in the closet.

I had all my clothes washed by my mother.

Olof won't go back to Boston.

So much has happened since that last time I saw you.

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There is no absolute success in the world, only constant progress.

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Do you remember what you told me?

I'll catch a ride with him.

It's Samir I want to talk to.


I came across my aunt in Europe.

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It is high time you were in bed.

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They can't afford to be late.

The front door of the house was open.

Trevor is a scientist.

I used to read every book that came my way.

Ethan had to say that.

Did you practise the guqin this morning?

Please don't be late.

Naoto chuckled aloud.

Do you think the track is wide enough for cars?

I can't believe you told Lord all that.

Jwahar has been looking for another lawyer.


I'm somewhat dizzy.


Donal looked around nervously.


Donne never really wanted to become a professional musician.

Individuality is stressed in the Western world.

Stanly is an attractive woman.

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You can meet him tonight.

She walked with her head down like an old woman.

I don't think I'll ever retire.

Panacea was sitting in the corner.

You need to learn how to compromise.

I'm talking to them.

The bread is old.


Interspecies aggression is oriented towards goals related to reproduction.

She is not jealous.

Did you hear that they canceled that jazz festival?


Would you like meat or fish?

Roxie failed French last semester.

Come run with me.


Toerless couldn't have known this was going to happen.

I have to go inside and do my homework.

He has made a turnaround of a hundred and eighty degrees.

He had no part in the scandal.

I won't stand for it anymore.


You'll be terrific.

I don't watch that program anymore.

How could you let her do this?


Duke was cheerful.

Your name has been crossed off the list.

Harmon helped us save a lot of money.

Doctors are the worst patients.

We have agreed to continue the negotiations.

I don't take my job lightly.

You sowed wheat in your field.


Patrick came into the room, followed by John and Cary.


Sonny is left-handed, but he writes with his right hand.

Sehyo is getting prepared to join the loop.

I willingly have done whate'er I could.


Life is indeed a good thing.

Some changes were made to the rota because somebody was ill.

Fresh fruit is good for the health.

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He backed abruptly away.

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How hard could it be?

We've done that.

You don't want to make me angry.

Everyone in his family is tall.

It looks so good.

Are you going to stay with us?

We saw a joyful sight.


There was a good reason for this.